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Ever since I watched Glee, I cannot get this one song out of my head. It's a duet. From a show about a choir that sings contemprorary songs. You know that's riiiiiiiiiight up my alley.
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True Blood is all sorts of amazing. I thought I was done with vampires and crap, but I'm not.

1. Oh Sookie. You have a stupid name, and fake hair, but you win for all of time for being dressed in your fugly angel pajamas in your sexy dream about Vampire Bill.

2. Vampire Bill is the broodiest, best vampire on TV since Angel. Oh how I miss Buffy.

3. Speaking of which. The supporting characters on this show make this show so much more amazing. Like Sookie's brother, Jason, who's stupider than a box of hair. It's fun to see him make a fool of himself. Then there's her best friend Tara who had a crush on Jason. And her coworkers, her boss, who may or may not be a weredog. Alexander SkarsgÄrd, who, inexplicably looks bangin with long hair, and is a big movie star in Sweden, plays some sort of head vampire Eric on TB. He also plays a marine in Generation Kill, and was a marine a few years ago. Bangin. I even consider the cute fangs that pop out when vampires get excited a character on this show. They look like little snapped off crayon points. Not so much the fucking Southern accents. Arg. I may have to stop myself from speaking with a twang. I'm easily influenced like that.

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I am so uber bored, killing time before my 12 o'clock class. Here I am, reading Oh no they didn't, which I would say is a guilty pleasure, but then, I don't feel guilty about much. I feel sort of bad though, that the other people around me in the Law Library are doing VERY SERIOUS WORK and I am browsing for new Star Trek Trailers and Robert Pattinson interviews. Not that bad, mind. Only a little bit.

Home on Friday night. Can't wait. Very excited. I miss my mommy and my BFF. Also, home cooked food. I'm starting to live on campus event pizza and M&Ms. It works out pretty well, because when you go to club meetings, they feed you. It's like a lure or something.

Star Trek movie! With Harold from Harold and Kumar! And Simon Pegg!! And hottie whathisface Kirk!!! My geeky joy runneth over.

Also, True Blood is kind awesome. Southern accents, not so much. But vampires and lots of sex and dryly funny dialogue by Alan Ball, aka, Six Feet Under creator, awesome!
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Secret Diary of a Call Girl is pretty amazing, though Billie Piper's teeth kinda scare me, and Belle frequently breaks the fourth wall, and there's a gratuitous shower scene.

More and more, I am realizing that Billie Piper was born in the wrong time. She's the sort of girl who should have been born four hundred years ago, when artists drew tasteful nudes, lounging. She would have been great in the Renaissance.
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I have to say that the new Dr.Who is sexy and funny and science-y enough to not need a spinoff. Torchwood doesn't begin to compare. The new season is promising to be amazing.

Now I just need to watch the season and a half that I missed. Oy.
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Oh, My. Gosh. Why did I not get into Firefly years ago? Everything Joss Whedon does is brill and amazing. And there's like five more discs to get through. Yay.

Also, because I am not, and never will be a grown up, I've gotten my mom to ship me my bunny, Benny. I'll probs post pics when she arrives. She is only comfort object ever.
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Tonight's ep of Supernatural sucked. Once again, there's a tortured spirit who's killing people, and instead of weaving fairy tales into the narrative, they just seem like added on extra gore-fests. And then Sam kills some female demon, reminding me why I turned off this show in the first place. The show seems to be going around and mostly killing girl demons and spirits. What, are there no men mad enough to kill people from beyond the grave? Apparently not. So there's something sick and disgusting about Supernatural that has nothing to do with gore or blood. And that's the de facto mysoginy.

OTOH, Alfonso Cuaron is set to direct a movie version of one of my very favorite books, The History of Love. He does book to movie adaptations rather well, and if there's anyone I could have picked from all possible directors, I'd pick him. He's my favorite.

And Joss is back on tv again. Something called Dollhouse about humans who fulfill fantasies. I have my doubts, but then again, this is Whedon. I had my doubts about a tiny blonde girl who kicked vampire ass, and Buffy's my favorite show.
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I signed up for yuletide this year. In a semester where I have three papers to write as finals. Clearly, I win at life, and planning.

I've been watching Supernatural lo these last few weeks, and while it is awesome, I stand by my assertion 2 years ago, when it first aired, that it is not as awesome as Buffy. Nothing ever will be. I found my standard for amazing TV around 1999. And now it is all a gradual decline.

Off to finish up hw. Something about a major breakup for Communications. Except that I don't date, ahhhh! Fun.
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Why is there not a fanpage for Scooter and Niels' geeky love? Am watching Beauty & the Geek. They are so cute. OMG.
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Oh man. I'd forgotten the sheer brilliance of Buffy, and then I downloaded the third season, and watched it all the way through.

The finale, my god. Best writing ever. The way Buffy and her friends make everyone band together to defeat the mayor who's going to turn into a giant snake. The moment when he changes, eats a teacher, the parents are scattering, and all the students are standing poised, waiting for the cue, which is "Now!" and that's when they all rip open their robes, and reveal weapons. Best image ever.

And then this:
Oz: Guys, take a moment to process this. We survived.
Buffy: It was a hell of a battle.
Oz: Not the battle, high school. Take a moment.
And we're done.

Now on to college. Yeehaw.
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So, way back when, I used to read all these fics and most were crap. A few were passable. A rare one or two were absolutely brilliant.

The others are simply amusing and cracked out.

Like the one where Justin moves to NYC, and he gets an apartment in Brooklyn, where all his neighbors speak Spanish. Brian comes to visit, and the first words out of his mouth are 'God, your apartment's tiny' and the second thing is, in Spanish, "let's fuck". And then Justin corrects him on conjugation, since he's been babysitting for Maria next door, playing pattycake with little Angela and learning basic Spanish.

Or the one where Rodney needs a wife to round out his perfect image, but ends up falling for John, his relationship counselor instead.

Or the one where Draco runs away from England, and opens a Chinese restaurant in Budapest.

I don't come across much like that, anymore.

And I don't help much, cause I don't really write like that either. They say you should write what you'd like to read, but I can't seem to do that. Cause there's a difference between what I want to read and what I end up writing.

But I don't know what the hell I'm complaining about because the books I am going to read are piled five deep, in two piles, and I cannot imagine a better thing.
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This is the funniest bit on Robot Chicken ever. Right here.

Seth Green is a fricking genius. And rather short.

Oh man, I love these Veronica Mars episodes that are all social commentary. Even if they are heavy-handed and unsubtle.
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Everyone's talking about American Idol this week. And I'm watching Beauty and the Geek and giggling. A lot. There's this one guy who I like, who said at a shopping challenge 'well jeans are the most important thing, so i tried on lots of jeans until i found ones that made my butt look good.' And then he was like 'sure, dye my hair funky colors.'

This show. Oh gosh. Such a guilty pleasure kind of show. And yet. I'm not all that ashamed to watch it.

Also? I have to start watching Stargate Atlantis on a regular basis. Mostly because of this mixtape. But then I'm going to like any mix titled John and Rodney's Gay Disco. The three of you who still read knew that, though.

So now? I need to start drinking coffee again. Get that star tatoo on my hand. Do my homework. Pass math. Be happy. Be nice and polite. Even if it is really difficult sometimes. Stop hating all people in relationships. Get more long sleeved shirts. Did I mention coffee?
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Last night I watched Biggest Loser and did not do any homework.

The theme song made me squee like the unabashed fangirl that I am. Proud, by Heather Small. The same song used about 4 times on QAF. Yeah. :]

I really want a job.
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I was reading an interesting article about a progressive school )


The only reason I wached Vanished last night was because of that guy from Queer as Folk.

It was pretty much what I expected. Not sure that anyone's really watching, cause it's too confusing in the beginning. Gale Harold is still v. hot though. And on the show, he has a daughter. Something about Gale with a kid is just fascinating. I'll be watching, but then again, I'd pretty much watch him in anything. Seriously. He could be in an in-depth documentary on the mating habits of snails, and I'd watch.
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1. OMG! France won 1-0 against Brazil. It was unbelievable. But then again, once Henry scored the one goal it was pretty much a game of keepaway.

2. A lot of the guys on Ukraine's team look malnourished. And about 19 years old. Still very good players though.

3. Next match is Tuesday. Either Italy vs Portugal or France vs Germany. Don't remember which. Either way, I'm definitely watching.
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Because this entire year week has been crap so far, Three Things I Love.

1. Watching three episodes of Sex & the City in a row. Happiness is watching completely useless and snarky television.

2. The asshole who kept the second season of Six Feet Under for three extra weeks has finally returned it. This means a marathon this weekend. Oh yes.

3. Really good stories. I love finding really well-written ones. Like Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose. After Atlantis, Rodney takes a job teaching at a crap university. He's not happy, exactly, but he's...getting there.

It's Stargate Atlantis, and absolutely wonderful, sad in the best way possible. I don't even watch this show, and I still think the fic's very well written. Rodney seems like my kind of guy [i.e., his attitude is that he is so much smarter than everyone else.]
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[ profile] mistful puts it better than I ever could.

[Because she's one of the more amusing people on LJ.]

Her brilliant and also snarky review of GOF.

Veronica Mars
If I have not previously expressed my great love for Veronica Mars, let me do so now. A sassy teen sleuth! A biker with a heart of gold! A spoiled rich boy with daddy issues! (Colin Craven and his brethren have ruined me for other men. Ruined me.) Filthy onscreen chemistry for everyone! Really, the reason I have not yet expressed my undying love for Veronica Mars is because I feel it would be much like saying 'and have I mentioned oxygen? Huge fan!'

This update is pointless, really. Just me squeeing about my enduring love for HP and Veronica Mars. Which of course, both deserve enduring love. Buckets of it.

Haven't gone to the Muddycup in ages. Probably will tomorrow.


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