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Russian continues to be a time of utter and complete domination on my part. Going to buy my book today. Creepy Alex is in my class. Is only bad thing about class. Next time, will get there early so I don't have to sit near him.

The really interesting class looks like it's going to be Issues in Microscience. It's all about implants and body modifications. Prof is rather funny. He joked about being a big nerd, which is good, because I can relate, used the word zesty to describe the wealth of material we are going to cover in the class, and told us that when the university made it mandatory to take an upper level science class, the first year of students were all really angry about it, so he started with lessons on breast implants and condoms. My kind of thinking.

Also, when I walked in, there was a tape playing of a knee replacement surgery, which was nauseating and also absolutely fascinating. I feel as though I would be a great scientist if I could put up with upper level math. *sigh*

Pre-calc, which I'm retaking, is going to be hell, but prof said that if you have perfect attendance, she will bump up your grade half a letter, and even pass you if you're a point or two away. I'm not too proud to say that I might need it. I just want to get that fucking F off my transcript.

I went to abnormal psych, but I'm not going to stay in it, I think. I thought it would be a bit different from the other psych classes I've been in, but it's not. The prof mumbles, and her note style is irritating.

One thing I will say is that the math/science types start class on time on time or even early. which I adore. I can't stand when the prof stands around as time ticks by.

I still have to go to philosophy, which I'm hoping will go allright, as I really don't want to have to scramble for another class like I am now with abnormal psych. The problem is that I tend to hate English and Psych, and can't really comprehend the hard sciences. Maybe I should just do languages.
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I am so uber bored, killing time before my 12 o'clock class. Here I am, reading Oh no they didn't, which I would say is a guilty pleasure, but then, I don't feel guilty about much. I feel sort of bad though, that the other people around me in the Law Library are doing VERY SERIOUS WORK and I am browsing for new Star Trek Trailers and Robert Pattinson interviews. Not that bad, mind. Only a little bit.

Home on Friday night. Can't wait. Very excited. I miss my mommy and my BFF. Also, home cooked food. I'm starting to live on campus event pizza and M&Ms. It works out pretty well, because when you go to club meetings, they feed you. It's like a lure or something.

Star Trek movie! With Harold from Harold and Kumar! And Simon Pegg!! And hottie whathisface Kirk!!! My geeky joy runneth over.

Also, True Blood is kind awesome. Southern accents, not so much. But vampires and lots of sex and dryly funny dialogue by Alan Ball, aka, Six Feet Under creator, awesome!
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1. I am going to end up comparing Vetinari to Machiavelli because he pretty much is Machiavelli.

2. No thesis, and no direction on my essay about fanfic. Also, I can't find good academic sources.

3. This summer, I'll finish reading the Odyssey and The Three Musketeers.
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I signed up for yuletide this year. In a semester where I have three papers to write as finals. Clearly, I win at life, and planning.

I've been watching Supernatural lo these last few weeks, and while it is awesome, I stand by my assertion 2 years ago, when it first aired, that it is not as awesome as Buffy. Nothing ever will be. I found my standard for amazing TV around 1999. And now it is all a gradual decline.

Off to finish up hw. Something about a major breakup for Communications. Except that I don't date, ahhhh! Fun.
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My English teacher reminds me a hell of a lot of Emmett, from QAF. It's sorta funny.

I couldn't hate my History class if I tried. Not that I ever would. I'm all giddy in recitation. I take notes in class. I had my mom send me my notes from tenth grade, cause we're learning the same thing. My TA is twitchy, I think he has Tourettes or something. He answers his phone in class, and I still love that class. That kind of makes me a freak, doesn't it?

The other classes are so-so.
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Last day of school was a mess. I got kinda teary at lunch and then Justine made fun of me. I played cards with a bunch of boys after the lockdown. We had a pretty serious food fight at AHS, apparently. There were even officers on horseback. The best part of the day? Was when my Biology teacher brought in books for me. Six Terry Pratchett books later, and I am a happy happy girl.

Then Earda called me and was all 'whose house am I going to hang out at every weekend?' and 'sniffle sniffle what do you want for graduation? sniffle sniffle' and 'congrats! how does it feel?'


It hasn't sunk in yet.

Maybe it will.


I posted mad pictures at my facebook.

Am now waiting for the macbook to charge, screwing around online. *sigh* I still can't believe school's over.

I'll work all summer, for the bits that I'm not in Buffalo. I'll go out this week, and get a bunch of presents for people. Especially my guidance counselor. She's a goddess. Yeah. After graduating AHS everything's ... gravy.
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In a month or so, when my hair grows out a bit, it's going to look like Justin Taylor's. Then, I'll be spending my weekends hanging out on street corners, waiting for hot older men to pick me up.

Proof: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Today McGurn used the word bombastic in class. He was talking about Germany during WWI, and that's pretty much the perfect way to describe them. Seriously, I think he's bomb-diggity for using a big word in class. Which is why I took another of his classes.
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I was reading an interesting article about a progressive school )


The only reason I wached Vanished last night was because of that guy from Queer as Folk.

It was pretty much what I expected. Not sure that anyone's really watching, cause it's too confusing in the beginning. Gale Harold is still v. hot though. And on the show, he has a daughter. Something about Gale with a kid is just fascinating. I'll be watching, but then again, I'd pretty much watch him in anything. Seriously. He could be in an in-depth documentary on the mating habits of snails, and I'd watch.
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But it kind of feels like it is.

Today was the last day of classes of my junior year of high school. There's an awful finality to that which makes me feel maudlin and old. High school feels like it's over already, [though it's not].

My math class chipped in to give me a 'we're sorry you have cancer and hope you feel better' gift basket. That's right around the point when I had to start holding back tears. It's odd too, because I remember leaving middle school and not hating the thought of leaving that school nearly as much as I am hating the thought of leaving AHS. [We were taking final exams, and one girl, Shuli, was crying through the entire Hebrew Regents and I thought that I would never feel that way about a school. I do though.] Then again, I hated most of my middle school years.


Now I'm going to go out and hang with friends, because I don't feel like being alone today.
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Today was a WONDERFUL day.

Had coffee. Schmoozed. Gave out presents. Got some too. Have not finished shopping yet. Might give some people their gifts during break.

What was my point again?


Oh yes. Wonderful day.

Watched Crash in English. Was v. lovely. Must watch it again soon.
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Here you go, Ginni. Deviates--Turn It Down.

The very moment I stepped outside today, after school? It started pouring rain.


Spent time at the Muddycup. Had impromptu book reading of Choke by Chuck Palihnuk. 'Twas v. enjoyable. Then my mum drove me home. Only managed to de-fog windows halfway home, so for most of the trip home there was no visibility. Like going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, and about as frightening.

Will be v. productive tonight. History and English homework, oh boy. Forgot my math book in school locker. Don't really care. Hatehatehate math this year. Is terrible because I can't say that there aren't any really cool math teachers at AHS. Just...Taber isn't. At all. She's so unpleasantly cheery and annoying. At the end of the school day. WTF?

She probably thinks I'm a highly unpleasant child. Because I am.

P.S. It's a sign of how much wierd shit I've read when I start picturing my friends in skirts and lipgloss.
That blonde boy in Latin? Little tweedy pleated skirt and kohl around his eyes.
Sam R.? Classic Russian school-girl outfit. Pigtails. AK-47. Yep. That's rad.
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1. I am so incredibly exhausted. It's gotten to the point that I took small naps in three different classes. If I had matchsticks to hold my eyelids open, they'd snap under the weight of my sleep-deprived eyes.

2. The other day, I said something to the effect of "Surprise. buttsex!" to Sam R. He was so disturbed by this that he put together a crappy five second power point presentation saying "don't ever do that again." I will retaliate with a crappy PP presentation of my own. Vengeance will be mine. Muahaha.

3. I am seriously considering taking AP Latin. Is it too late in the year to transfer classes?
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Today is the first day of the The Witching Hour. I want so much to go. A bunch of fangirls in one city discussing the HP books, squeeing about Harry/Draco love, getting to meet at least some of the artists and writers who make me all hot and bothered/are ginormously talented, would be heaven.

But I'm too young, and can't go. *emotear*

In about a week, we eleventh graders must take a pre-SAT test. I'm kind of looking forward to it. The reading passages are always interesting.
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Last period English has quickly become my favorite class this year.

Today, Christina and Sam S. and I spent the period talking, and smelling each others' hair. There are no words for how wierd this must have looked to someone outside our little group. But it was so much fun.

And then I went to the Muddycup with Gin, and Christina and Tegan. Christy has been talking about it for days. I was intrigued. The place was so fucking cool. Dark red walls, really nifty chairs and tables. Note to self; hang out in coffeshops more.

I don't think I'll ever stop marveling at doing simple things with friends.
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1. My History teacher keeps making dentist analogies. It gives me the heebie-jeebies, as I have a fear of dentistry, and people poking around in my mouth with sharp objects.

2. Computer networking seems boring. The teacher's advice to malfunctioning computers? Unplug everything and count to ten. And here I thought that was just for not killing people. Also, the guy called me out about my Russian-speaking in the first lecture about needing a guide in the world of computers, just like one needs a guide in a foreign country. Bad show Mr. Davis, bad show.

3. My math teacher looks like she's melting. She has that wrinkly appearance that people get when they get older, only it's very very noticeable with her. Wonder how long it'll be able to resist making a Wicked Witch of the West joke?
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School starts soon.

This year is going to be the death of me. I have to be at school by eight AM. The horror.

I have Taber for math. Anyone know if she's a good teacher?
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Today I sunbathed and my legs did not tan at all. I don't know how this is possible. My arms get dark. My neck burns. My legs though, stay vampire pale. Woe is me.

I got all hot and went inside, cooked myself some rice and made a sauce to go with it. It was made of onion and tomato and white wine. T'was delicious.

I got mail from AHS, and apparently I failed the Chem Regents with a 62. I also owe the library a book. So soon I shall go to school, pay off my fine and register to take the test again in August.

Gosh my day was so productive.
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I am the third or fourth person on my FL to mention the electrical fire at school today and the fact that we got sent home early. My reaction was "Cool!" nothing like this ever happened at my old school. And also making fire jokes with Sam, and the other people standing around.

Then I walked home with Earda and Ernast,seeing as I couldn't find Courtney after school. It was fun. We talked. Then Earda came over to mine, and we talked some more. T'was also fun. I don't hang out with her nearly enough, and this is a bad thing.

I should bring in my ghetto yearbook and have people in my other classes sign it. Other classes besides lunch, of course.

My computer kept freezing when I turned it on, and interrupting my conversations with Courtney, and this made me sad. I am going to buy myself a new one. I really do not need the stress of dealing with this one. Not at all. I'll miss it and all, but it's an old comp, and it is time to let it go. Perhaps I'll donate it to a charity after I've wiped the hard drive? Hmm. *whips out classifieds*

And lastly, a gratuitous fic link, because I don't want to lose it, and I'm cleaning out my bookmarks. Noblesse Oblige. Draco/Krum.
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I went today, to Hebrew Academy with Inkblot, the writing club from the high school. That thing about everything seeming smaller once you go back to your old school, the alma mater, as they say in French? It's true here too.

I said hello again to my old teachers, and peeked into some classrooms, and found, amidst it all, the crushing wearying feeling of despair was gone from my body. It was hell when I was there as a student, but now I wasn't and my old classmates weren't there. They were probably a large factor in making my school days boring and unfriendly. All that remained when I came back was a school building, a damn good one at that. The people were kind if distant, because I wasn't a pupil there anymore, and I was amazed yet again at peoples' generosity when I was waiting for my mother to pick me up and two different people offered me rides within a one minute period.

I think that without my old classmates there, it was a much nicer place. Less miserable at that.

It's astonishing really how much things stay the same, how my old teachers look just like I remember them (though it hasn't been that long really) and the school itself hasn't really changed but for a few new paintings. The students were so tall though, especially the eighth graders. I felt dwarfed in comparison.

Overall, it was not a bad day. Not as painful as I expected it to be. Even sitting for Avi Wienstock wasn't that bad.
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It has been far too long since I've written. Actually no. Yesterday I was writing in the margins of my standardized PSSS test how bored I was, and how much I did not like Ponkos proctoring the damn thing. I sucked up through her entire class, and I'm rather ashamed because she's an idiot.

Had discussion w/Shea at lunch about her. Was interesting. I was kinda randomly mad at people behind us who were yelling, and some of that reflected in my expression I guess.

It's at this point in the school year that I start to wish that the year were over, it was warm enough to wear only one layer, and that I could stop wearing my fuzzy hat, and that I were sipping a cappuchino at an Italian cafe right now.

None of these things are likely to happen.

School is boring, I'm worried about the AP exam, and I must buy a book on folding origami, because my teachers have decided to hand back all the papers from November now. I have no idea why, but at least if I could do nifty folding tricks I'd feel less like I was twiddling my thumbs, which I hate.


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