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Whew, Lord of War is an intense movie. I liked it, liked the amorality of Yuri, and his progression into a stone cold arms dealer. I liked the bits in the beginning about Brighton Beach, and Yuri's father pretending to be Jewish, even in America. I could tell, even from the start that this movie wasn't written by a Ukranian, though. I looked it up, and the director's from New Zealand. WTF, New Zealand? They've got more sheep than people!

We're discussing Greek tragedies in English class, and this fits right in. Yuri starts out fairly innocent, until he decides to become an arms dealer and his life becomes a series of shady deals and endless guns. There is no message of hope in this movie. None whatsoever. And maybe that's the way it should be.

Some Observations
1. I am really starting to like Nick Cage as an actor. Along with Tom Hanks, and John Cusack.

2. Jared Leto [who plays Cage's brother in the movie] is far too pretty to be Russian Slavic. The casting director was obviously on crack, because Russian men are never, in my experience, pretty. Rather, they are manly. Or boyish.

3. It is sad that I kept pausing and rewinding when people swore, because the only obscenities that I know in Russian come straight from my grandmother. And I'd like to be more proficient in the swearing department.

4. No Russian in his right mind would keep pretending to be Jewish once he didn't have to. Anti-Semitism is so deeply ingrained into the fabric of Russia [and all its satellites] that it doesn't warrant discussion. Which is why I know that this movie wasn't written by a Russian guy.

5. I liked that Yuri's from Odessa, which is where I'm from. Not so much the part where he becomes an arms dealer. Oh well.
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I've realized that I ABSOLUTELY love my friends.

Because when I need something new to get obsessed about? Wonderful people like Gabriella lend me Queer as Folk, which I've wanted to watch for ages.

And what can I say really?

There's so much sex that I don't even notice it much anymore. It's reached the point that I've become mostly desensitized.

There's a TON of swearing and drug use [but it's not preachy and annoying about it at all.]

It's a show about a bunch of people and their relationships, and it's damn engrossing and interesting. And that kind of thing's right up my alley. )

Will be watching more soonish.
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I am reading Fight Club right now. It's irresistible like chocolate or pornography, you can't stop reading. I just keep reading it as fast as I can, and still want more.

Some of the themes Palahniuk deals with I completely agree with. In list form, for easy reading. [Others are just stupid. Like the whole Project Mayhem thing. Stupid idiots.]

1. The things you own end up owning you.
Yes it's bad that the narrator makes his life complete with neat Swedish furniture, but he's got nothing on new immigrants. Every single new Russian immigrant I've known buys almost the same exact ugly black wood and glass bedroom set. Every single one. It's bound to happen when people come from a place where more often than not, store shelves are empty and style is not encouraged, but feeding your family most definitely is.

People who have next to nothing are incredibly materialistic. My mum, my gran who have a lot of stuff now, they save everything. Maybe you'll use it again, my gran says, when I outgrow something.

My mum's a pack rat, which annoys me because I'm all about purging, cleaning up my environment, my space. Most of the fights I have with my mother are about her saving everything. Instead of throwing things away. I guess I'm truly American now, aren't I? Cause I throw things away so easily. Eesh, what a scary thought.

2. You need some kind of release if you sit in an office all day.
Whether it's sex, or origami, or knitting, or beating up random guys on Sundays. Whatever gets you through.

3. If your father is your model for god, and he deserts you or dies, you're screwed. Ask the people on death row, and you can bet that a good percentage of them didn't have a father in their lives. Wonder why so many young girls are dressing slutty? Not enough of a father figure in their lives.

Overall, Fight Club is an intense book, with a heady message to send. You can bet that I'm going to read it again, and that certain lines will stay in my head for a long time. And I'm okay with that.
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GOF squee:
I've just gotten back from seeing GOF [in a half-empty theater] and it. was. amazing. Absolutely wonderful.

Neville was brave, and had an actual role in this film.

Rita Skeeter was her usual outrageous, overly made-up and the [second] most interesting character in the film.

Voldemort though. Oh Voldy, how are you hot even without a nose? How do you do it? Someone referred to him as sensual in this film, and I couldn't see how he could be. But he was. In the way he talked, the way he tsked over Cedric [that made you very sure that he would have to have thoroughly fucked him and then killed him.] the way he walked and held himself. I swooned, right there in the cold theater.

I liked it. It was dark and gritty. And that scene where Hermione says "...Victor's really a more physical type of bloke" and then gets how unbelievably dirty that sounded? Was one of my personal favorite scenes.

[No one's surprised about that, right?]


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