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Last day of school was a mess. I got kinda teary at lunch and then Justine made fun of me. I played cards with a bunch of boys after the lockdown. We had a pretty serious food fight at AHS, apparently. There were even officers on horseback. The best part of the day? Was when my Biology teacher brought in books for me. Six Terry Pratchett books later, and I am a happy happy girl.

Then Earda called me and was all 'whose house am I going to hang out at every weekend?' and 'sniffle sniffle what do you want for graduation? sniffle sniffle' and 'congrats! how does it feel?'


It hasn't sunk in yet.

Maybe it will.


I posted mad pictures at my facebook.

Am now waiting for the macbook to charge, screwing around online. *sigh* I still can't believe school's over.

I'll work all summer, for the bits that I'm not in Buffalo. I'll go out this week, and get a bunch of presents for people. Especially my guidance counselor. She's a goddess. Yeah. After graduating AHS everything's ... gravy.
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Next Tuesday, April 17th, is free scoop day at Ben&Jerry's. This means that we must go down to Lark st and all get scoops.

Also, I got a prom dress. It is cute. My favorite dressy shoes go with it. I am, therefore, a happy girl.

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Oh man, this Rives guy is wonderful.
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I don't hold much stock in symbolism, and mostly I don't care. What that says about the kind of person that makes me, I'm not sure. I don't much appreciate witty lyrics unless they're clearly spoken, like Tom Lehrer. Not liking Rufus Wainwright's permanent mumbling makes me feel like a bad fag hag. But honestly. He sounds like he's talking through a mouthful of oatmeal. It's gross.

This is the view from my living room window. The day after the second big storm of the year. )
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World AIDS day was on the 1st. Wish I'd remembered so that I could have worn a red ribbon.

On that note, here's a photographer from talking about his tour of Africa, China and Ukraine. The ninth is a picture of some street kids in Odessa. It made me shiver. [ profile] ms_beeblebrox posted recently about the time before she moved from Russia, and whether she'd be different if she'd stayed. That eternal question of how different I'd be if I hadn't moved is something that all immigrants ask, I think. And there's no good answer.
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Outing with friends was pretty fun. I talked, laughed and shivered. When the hell did it get so cold?

Today I have a driving lesson with Russ, the driving instructor. He's pretty rad. And then babysitting, later in the evening, which really means that I'll get some peace and quiet to finally finish The Princess Bride.

I might even do my homework. o_0

ETA: Sam took this amazing pic with my phone yesterday. It's cloudy gorgeousness.

I need to buy Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. It is an awesome movie.
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Good things require hard work. I'm wary when things come too easily. There should be struggle, flailing, mind-numbing amounts of work. This year, there is. Worksheets in AP English kill me dead. Biology is alternating between r. boring and kind of interesting. Psych is this year's favorite class. The others are so-so.

I got a letter today from the University of Judaism. After I got up off the floor, and my stomach recovered from laughing so hard, I took a picture.

JewU wants me!

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