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Having finally gotten a ticket to the Lady Gaga love train, I watched some of her videos. Alexander Skarsgard is in one of them. Never have I ever been so jealous. Now I have another reason to become a pop sensation.
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Ever since I watched Glee, I cannot get this one song out of my head. It's a duet. From a show about a choir that sings contemprorary songs. You know that's riiiiiiiiiight up my alley.
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Okay. So I think John Barrowman is kind of amazing, and have downloaded about five of his songs. Though I can't stand Torchwood. This is not a surprise. And it should not be. At all.
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I love the advent of jazzy, talented, rich-voiced singers like Amy Winehouse and Chrisette Michelle.

Also, I've appended the list of songs I will listen to so much that I will know by heart. Tim Buckley - Song to the Siren
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Sergey Shnurov makes me want to take up smoking and drinking and living a life of great lyrics with an awesome soundtrack. I think I have a definite music crush.
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REQ: Valerie - Amy Winehouse

REC: Anything from my public box.

ETA: I am so good at this LJ thing, I posted at my personal journal instead of wedontsendit. I win, huh?
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I am rather in love with this song, with Amy Winehouse, who makes it just pop. Plus, it's vaguely lesbian, and the three of you who read this know how I like that.

Valerie - Amy Winehouse

Every time I re-read Middlesex, I want to write the story of my life in Eugenides's style, at once omniscient and a character in the proceedings. My life, though, does not lend itself as well to fiction. Or perhaps I am too close to the whole situation.

Next up: The Little Prince, again. And then finish The History of Love. And the seven Terry Pratchett books on my nightstand. Then maybe The Odyssey, again. Completely this time.
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This boy is going to be so popular in a few years. No lie. He has this lovely clear voice that should be in Disney movies, it's that good. He actually enunciates; looks like a male model, and sounds like an emo boy. Sorta like death cab. Basically he's a pretty boy with a guitar. What more do I need? Nothing.
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Fish in the sea
You know how I feel
Rivers running free
You know how I feel
Blossom on the tree
You know how I feel, ooh
It's a new a dawn
And a new day
And a new life for me
And I'm feeling good

The funny thing is that this song's not particularly happy, more desperate and scared than anything. It's sort of a junkie's anthem.
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What's most amusing about this guy is that he sounds like Eminem, only less whiny. Here. So incredibly dirty and funny. The three of you who have not abandoned LJ would be able to guess that I'd love this song. It's fantastic.
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This is cute.

I watched one of my favorite movies today. It makes me so content, cause everything turns out all right in the end. See that's what I love about books and writing, that sense of finality. For a young person, I am perhaps over-fond of death.

I've also been watching the entire first season of Torchwood on Youtube lately, and it just makes me miss Buffy and Angel a lot. Since it went off the air, there's nothing equally brilliant to replace it. They talk a lot about the afterlife on Torchwood. A couple of times, when they bring someone back from death, different characters ask about what happens after death. And the response is always the same: there is nothing. And the message of 'enjoy your life because it is far too short' is hammered home. And that's what I believe in, I suppose. That religion's kind of suspect, and wants your money. That there's nothing after death. And maybe there shouldn't be. Meanwhile, though, reading good books where an omnipotent narrator shows you why things happen the way they do, that's what I'll settle for.
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Rilo Kiley is growing on me.

I'm listening to Brothers On A Hotel Bed by Death Cab For Cutie on repeat.


[Y'know who I picked up the habit of making ultra-short posts on music? [ profile] deryckak]

I'm like a sponge for bad habits. :)
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I'm kind of obsessed with this song*. It's got this sound that I love, with guys falsetto-ing, a sense of over reaching drama and urgency, and a great hook. This song is for that moment in life when the anti-hero is on the final leg of his great journey, running, out of breath, but still going, because in about half an hour, when he rescues his best friend, he can relax, sleep cuddled in his bed with the BFF. Until the adventure starts all over again tomorrow.

*Wonderchild - Christian Walz
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Regina Spektor's on Last Call w/Carson Daly!

I am no longer as convinced that there is no justice in the world. Hoorah.

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When did Nelly Furtado change from a whiny Alanis-Morrisette clone to someone who is actually good?
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This vacation, I hung out with some pretty cool people. I celebrated New Year's at Liza's. Went to a bunch of parties that were really an excuse to sit around and talk. I played DDR for the first time ever. I watched some really cool movies.

People talk about resolutions and how the year's been right around this time of year. I think resolutions are silly, and there's not much in life that I regret. The past year's been terrible and wonderful, often at the same time. So I'm glad it's over and have hope for the next year. That's all I can do, really.

Here's a song that's sentimental and sad, cause the holidays make me feel maudlin and old. Next Year, Baby - Jamie Cullum
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Reading fic about Brian and Michael. Not in any sexual way. I just can't get enough of their friendship. Their dynamic. Listening to Regina Spektor on my shiny nano. I can't think of a better way to spend a ho hum Thursday night. Snuggling with a nice boy would beat this night hands down. But reading and Regina is pretty rad anyway.
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Justine, here's the link for that song you wanted. Have You Got It In You? - Imogen Heap

I'm falling back into old habits, reading HP fanfic again. This inhibits any personal growth I might experience. It was a good one where Snape and Lupin are really old and living together in a totally believable way. There's no sex because they're literally a hundred and fifteen years old in it. Porn is no longer interesting. Now I just want everyone to end up happy. Does that mean I'm growing up?
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When 'Sleep' by the Dandy Warhols comes on my iTunes, it's probably time to go to bed.

Also? I am off to NYC tomorrow. Walking around with my mother and grandmother, so no debauchery or coffee runs to out-of-the-way cafes. Ah well.

I'm bringing back loads of candy.

So excited. OMG.

I'm bringing my skates. Going to rockerfeller center. Cannot wait.

Also? Scheduled my road test. Dec 14th. Can't wait for that either.
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I'm in a horribly emo mood. And you know that the moment I finish writing this and post it, this mood will change because most likely I'll see a picture of Gale Harold being his unbelievably adorable self and I'll cheer up.

See this is what happens when I don't post for a week. It all builds up and I babble like a brook. )


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