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I am so uber bored, killing time before my 12 o'clock class. Here I am, reading Oh no they didn't, which I would say is a guilty pleasure, but then, I don't feel guilty about much. I feel sort of bad though, that the other people around me in the Law Library are doing VERY SERIOUS WORK and I am browsing for new Star Trek Trailers and Robert Pattinson interviews. Not that bad, mind. Only a little bit.

Home on Friday night. Can't wait. Very excited. I miss my mommy and my BFF. Also, home cooked food. I'm starting to live on campus event pizza and M&Ms. It works out pretty well, because when you go to club meetings, they feed you. It's like a lure or something.

Star Trek movie! With Harold from Harold and Kumar! And Simon Pegg!! And hottie whathisface Kirk!!! My geeky joy runneth over.

Also, True Blood is kind awesome. Southern accents, not so much. But vampires and lots of sex and dryly funny dialogue by Alan Ball, aka, Six Feet Under creator, awesome!
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I watch a lot of movies, inhaling them, staying up late, plugged into my laptop. Like I used to, with books. And most of them are rather forgettable. Except once in a while, there's one that's just...amazing. Shelter is this lovely movie that takes place in California, has all these shots of surfing and waves and people who seem solid and real.

And even though I should stop watching love stories, because they make me, ultimately, nothing but miserable, I can't quite stop watching, because occasionally I find movies like these, and I feel, for a moment, that love does happen in real life, that it is real and true and possible. Even for me.

Plus, in this movie, I relate to Zach so much it's not funny. But then again, anyone who's known me for awhile could guess why.
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I've been looking for a DVD copy of The Curiosity of Chance for ages now. It looks awesome and cute and so completely unoriginal that it transcends to a more amusing level. But it's still doing the festival circuit because the director can't find a studio to get it into theaters. So basically, instead of cute movies with that guy from the fourth American Pie movie* and my favorite obscure hottie, Brett Chukerman**, we get Spiderman 3. Or 4, whatever. This is the part of the day where I wish I were rich. I would totally fund that. It looks like a fun movie.

It's playing in a film festival in Chicago on Nov 18th. For a second, I thought about skipping out on my classes and going to see it. Shows where my priorities lie. Haha, Ren, haha.

*It was on late at night on TBS, and I didn't feel like sleeping. Now I fully support and want to see more of Tad Hilgenbrink, who pretty much is the movie.

**Who is Jewish! And totally gay! And did I mention cute?
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Tonight's ep of Supernatural sucked. Once again, there's a tortured spirit who's killing people, and instead of weaving fairy tales into the narrative, they just seem like added on extra gore-fests. And then Sam kills some female demon, reminding me why I turned off this show in the first place. The show seems to be going around and mostly killing girl demons and spirits. What, are there no men mad enough to kill people from beyond the grave? Apparently not. So there's something sick and disgusting about Supernatural that has nothing to do with gore or blood. And that's the de facto mysoginy.

OTOH, Alfonso Cuaron is set to direct a movie version of one of my very favorite books, The History of Love. He does book to movie adaptations rather well, and if there's anyone I could have picked from all possible directors, I'd pick him. He's my favorite.

And Joss is back on tv again. Something called Dollhouse about humans who fulfill fantasies. I have my doubts, but then again, this is Whedon. I had my doubts about a tiny blonde girl who kicked vampire ass, and Buffy's my favorite show.
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I can no longer watch a movie without picking out symbolism, seeing the foreshadowing. Perhaps that's how I know that I'm a grownup. To come of age is to recognize the myths we were taught.

Like this movie I've been watching nonstop, Yossi & Jagger. There's this scene in the very beginning where the soldiers come back to their base and the power has gone out, causing all the meat to spoil. They bury the meat, and have a mock funeral for it. It's supposed to be a humorous scene, but in the back of my head I was already wondering if that meant that they'd be burying a soldier later on. I had a bad feeling about it. Never mind that I already knew how it ends. From the very beginning, the signs that something bad would happen were there.

That's because all stories are similar, basically. And it's only a matter of finding the basic story. That's why English is so simple, to me. It's all themes and symbolism. And it's written in everything.

I just wish I should enjoy stuff properly again.
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Went to a prescreening of Surf's Up with Justine. Have not laughed so hard in a long time. I always forget, after not going for awhile, how much I love going to the movies. How great it feels to watch something at top volume in a room with a floor sticky from years of spilled sugar and puke. How cool it feels when the sound's so loud that it thrums through your chest. That works with concerts too, I suppose.

Also, I had an electric green slushie at Dunkin Donuts. It was really gross. I don't recommend it.

I do however, recommend the movie The Hebrew Hammer. Just for the pure joy of seeing Andy Dick* play an evil Santa Claus. And the catchphrase? Best ever.

*I'm waiting for Andy Dick to just come out of the closet already. Maybe in the next five years?
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1. Never write in the first person. The very best way to prevent addiction to bad habits is to never start doing it at all. Don't start smoking, don't eat the first bite of Nutella, don't start writing like Anne Rice. Just don't do it.

Write in the omnipotent third person instead.

2. The most annoying thing about writers is when they leave their story as Untitled. Always, always always title everything you write. Names give identity, and reason to make fun. You wouldn't leave a child without a name, would you? Stories are kind of like children. They need names too.

3. This one's not about writing, really. Ma Vie En Rose is a wonderfully cute movie about a little boy who thinks he's a girl. It's Belgian, which is why I think it's good. If it were made in the US, it would suck.
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This is cute.

I watched one of my favorite movies today. It makes me so content, cause everything turns out all right in the end. See that's what I love about books and writing, that sense of finality. For a young person, I am perhaps over-fond of death.

I've also been watching the entire first season of Torchwood on Youtube lately, and it just makes me miss Buffy and Angel a lot. Since it went off the air, there's nothing equally brilliant to replace it. They talk a lot about the afterlife on Torchwood. A couple of times, when they bring someone back from death, different characters ask about what happens after death. And the response is always the same: there is nothing. And the message of 'enjoy your life because it is far too short' is hammered home. And that's what I believe in, I suppose. That religion's kind of suspect, and wants your money. That there's nothing after death. And maybe there shouldn't be. Meanwhile, though, reading good books where an omnipotent narrator shows you why things happen the way they do, that's what I'll settle for.
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Today was a good day.

I'm not sure about this )

Then I came home, watched A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints and sobbed my eyes out. Made Mom promise that she wouldn't spend twenty years dying when I left.

Donnie Darko is supposed to be the quintissential coming-of-age story, but it's Guide that really says something to me. In an alternate universe, I could have ended up in Queens, living like Tito did. And the last line, god.

I left everyone, but no one, no one's ever left me.
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3 movies I am unbelievably excited for:

1. The Namesake.

2. The Time Traveler's Wife.

3. Children of Men and Pan's Labyrinth tie for third.

I am hoping so much that movie versions of some of my favorite books will not suck. Hoping like a small child on the first day of school that everything will go all right. And will maybe have a kick-ass soundtrack.
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Movies rarely do any country justice. The image seen on postcards, on film, in a million different words, is nothing compared to the real thing.*

Ah, The Motorcycle Diaries. It contains two of my favorite things: Gael Garcia Bernal and opening a map to plot a cross-continental journey. I can't say enough good things about this movie. It's really lush-looking, and doesn't push a political agenda. Just says, look, these people are suffering and being wrongly pushed off their land. Maybe you should do something to help them. Maybe everyone deserves a good life, not just rich men.

Anf then there's the trip up the Chilean coast. The motorcycle. The backgrounds that are absolutely gorgeous.

Someday I'll take a cross-country trip like Gueverra's.

After I go to college, and figure out what to do with my life. After Earda no longer has volleyball practice every summer. After I get my license, so I can drive to the West Coast, go up to Toronto, circle back around down to Mexico. And then? Europe, maybe.

*List of places Ren wants to see in the next ten years:
Maccu Pichu, Peru.
Odessa, again.
San Franciso, again.
Most of California.

And it goes on.
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Know what's beyond awesome?

This clip of Jackie Chan singing I'll Make A Man Out Of You, from Mulan. He's pretty good. The Italian version's pretty cool too.

also, my holiday wishlist )

And now: homework!
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So. I've been ordering stuff on ebay lately. I ♥ ebay.

The Tenth Kingdom arrived yesterday.

That movie is the only thing is the only thing I have ever considered stealing from the library, ever. Which should tell you something.

It's awesome for the same reason Harry Potter is awesome, for the same reason any fantasy work is interesting. There's all these fairy tales that everyone knows, and a lot of them show up in TTK in new and interesting ways.

They're re-invented and tarted up. The movie's campy and funny, and completely brilliant. And watching it now, there's really dirty bits and drug use and they keep swearing [suck an elf!] only not really.

It's complicated and long and fantastic in every way you can imagine. TTK is so highly awesome that the main pairing is het, and I was still cheering for Wolf/Virginia to end up happy ever after. And man, when I'm cheering for hetero-normal happy endings? It's gotta be pretty good.

Real life TMI )
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If I were to take stock of this day, I'd say it was pretty damn good.

1. This day has defied my expectations. Despite it being Valentine's Day, I felt an overwhelming love for people today.

2. I did social things today, mostly going to Mock Trial and getting into a long conversation about Harry Potter with some guy. (who was cute actually) I felt...oh I felt so alive, as I was talking and admiring the boy's taste in music and he was teasing me in a nice freindly way about being a Harry Potter dork. It's amazing when random people I've never even met have this ability to make me feel vitally alive. I had a conversation about fanfic with Justine after school. How cool is that. My pants inspired an entire freakin conversation.

3. I am watching High Fidelity right now. This movie. Oh this movie. I completely understand the main character's reasoning for everything. And that says baaaaad things about me because he's afraid of commitment, and hates his life and his friends. He owns thousands of records, and is obsessive about music. And I'm the same, exactly the same way about books. And often, I feel just like him. Though less and less as time goes on. So that's progress, right?

Plus John Cusack is in it, and that man is amazing. Seriously, one of my favorite actors.
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[To fangirl, btw, for the uninformed is used as a verb by me and most of the HP fandom to mean that you appreciate a person, love their writing/art, and would act like a dork if you you ever talked to them. Basically you think they're very cool.]

John Cusack's character in High Fidelity.. The man is normal-looking. He can act. In the movie, he plays a music snob who makes lists [like top five girls who broke his heart. and top five songs to play at a funeral.] He's wonderfully schmucky and put upon by people. Like Holden Caulfield, but much cooler.

Angela Merkel. Germany's first female chancellor. Carefully agrees with Bush about the need to fight terrorism without ever agreeing to send German troops into Iraq. She started out as nobody in 1991, getting the then chancellor, Gerhard Shroeder, to mentor her and teach her how to rule, for lack of a better term. And then when he retires, she swoops in to take his old job. She is so cool. She wears red, and is a strong woman in power. How can she not be cool?

McGurn. A wonderful teacher, and just a cool person. I wish I could pickle his head, like they do on Futurama.
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The Oxygen network keeps showing Murder by Numbers, every Sunday without fail. It's an okay movie, with a rather predictable plot: pretty detective with some issues is working on a case involving two high-school aged serial killers. Except that the boys have such tangible sexual tension that it's painful to watch in places. They're constantly touching and hugging, and the best part is when one gets jealous of the other wanting to date a girl. They are so, so gay.

But then this is what is fanfic is for. This movie needs desperate, we-can't-do-this carsex or something. And I don't even like the movie much. It's this pairing that's begging for fic. I wonder if there's a MbN fandom?
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The air smelled just like autumn an hour ago, like burning leaves and cold wind. The clouds were tinged shades of bright flamingo pink, and smudgy gray, and the sky was the perfect, bleached almost white backdrop to all this.

That will be the last poetic crap I do in a long while, as it really isn't like me.

It has been a good weekend. I went to sleep around one or two AM in the morning on Friday and Saturday. Yesterday I hung out at Earda's house, and we watched Brother Bear on her big-screen tv. Not that size matters of course. *hee*

Then I came home and watched Before Sunrise, which is such a chick movie. Lots of talking and wandering around Vienna in the night, and soulmate-y connections being made. No explosions at all. It was lovely. And I now kinda maybe have a crush on Julie Delpy.

I got my math homework done. And I have so much more to get done today. Oy vey. It doesn't help that I've started writing fanfiction now, of all times. (btw, would you like to beta/proofread it Gin-chan? It's a threesome, Harry/Hermione/Ron *grins evilly*)

But yeah. It's been a good weekend.
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