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I've been looking for a DVD copy of The Curiosity of Chance for ages now. It looks awesome and cute and so completely unoriginal that it transcends to a more amusing level. But it's still doing the festival circuit because the director can't find a studio to get it into theaters. So basically, instead of cute movies with that guy from the fourth American Pie movie* and my favorite obscure hottie, Brett Chukerman**, we get Spiderman 3. Or 4, whatever. This is the part of the day where I wish I were rich. I would totally fund that. It looks like a fun movie.

It's playing in a film festival in Chicago on Nov 18th. For a second, I thought about skipping out on my classes and going to see it. Shows where my priorities lie. Haha, Ren, haha.

*It was on late at night on TBS, and I didn't feel like sleeping. Now I fully support and want to see more of Tad Hilgenbrink, who pretty much is the movie.

**Who is Jewish! And totally gay! And did I mention cute?
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Tonight's ep of Supernatural sucked. Once again, there's a tortured spirit who's killing people, and instead of weaving fairy tales into the narrative, they just seem like added on extra gore-fests. And then Sam kills some female demon, reminding me why I turned off this show in the first place. The show seems to be going around and mostly killing girl demons and spirits. What, are there no men mad enough to kill people from beyond the grave? Apparently not. So there's something sick and disgusting about Supernatural that has nothing to do with gore or blood. And that's the de facto mysoginy.

OTOH, Alfonso Cuaron is set to direct a movie version of one of my very favorite books, The History of Love. He does book to movie adaptations rather well, and if there's anyone I could have picked from all possible directors, I'd pick him. He's my favorite.

And Joss is back on tv again. Something called Dollhouse about humans who fulfill fantasies. I have my doubts, but then again, this is Whedon. I had my doubts about a tiny blonde girl who kicked vampire ass, and Buffy's my favorite show.
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This is the funniest bit on Robot Chicken ever. Right here.

Seth Green is a fricking genius. And rather short.

Oh man, I love these Veronica Mars episodes that are all social commentary. Even if they are heavy-handed and unsubtle.
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A standard lecture program often fails to engage students in the same way that performance can. There is a difference between talking and relaying information.

Maybe people who are studying to become teachers should be required to take a few theater or speech courses. Cause I know that all my favorite teachers had the ability to entertain and amuse, as well as teach.

One of my favorite people on TV, Alton Brown, who on his show, is wacky and entertaining, was a theater major in college. There's a definite theme here, I think.
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Next Tuesday, April 17th, is free scoop day at Ben&Jerry's. This means that we must go down to Lark st and all get scoops.

Also, I got a prom dress. It is cute. My favorite dressy shoes go with it. I am, therefore, a happy girl.

See? Read more... )

Oh man, this Rives guy is wonderful.


Oct. 18th, 2006 07:46 pm
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I kid you not, this post is titled "Library Smut."

It's full of pictures of gorgeous libraries around the world.


Excuse me, I think I need to just stare for awhile.

I want Vanessa Carlton's NYC apartment. Not because she has her own laundry room. Not because she has a giant closet.

Oh no.

Because it's a loft. And has a painting of naked women. And a giant bathroom. The coolest part? Is the sliding door.

Guess whose apartment that reminds me of.
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Someone let his thirteen year old boy out to play in the process of writing this article on Gale Harold's role in Vanished, and the effect that being the lead on QAF will have on his career.

There are few straight actors who have played gay quite as long and hard as Gale Harold.


Good article.
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Back when I was about eleven years old and N*SYNC was popular, everyone was in love with Justin Timberlake.

Everyone except me, of course. I liked Lance Bass.

Who is now gay. And has a Swedish boyfriend.

I can't believe I didn't see it coming. As in: I find him very attractive, so of course that means he's gay. Considering my pathetic and all too predictable habit of finding gay guys utterly attractive, I'm not surprised. I just find it hilarious.
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The best justification for fanfic, ever;

If done correctly, this kind of story can be incredibly good, because not only do you get a good story, but you are assured that each of the characters involved have their own interesting backstories which lend a depth otherwise unattainable in their characters.

From a review of a webcomic that I follow. The only one, which says something about that comic.
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"You are ashamed when you look on all libraries of the world you only find books of genocide, of blood and of survive. You want that the world finds a new book of Cambodia."

That's pretty much what I feel like about my country as well.

All right, so the public opinion of Ukraine consists of guns, and bad government. Not genocide.

But the fact remains that I have seen almost nothing good come out of Ukraine/get news coverage, ever.


When I grow up, I don't want to still be living in America.

*Okay, so most immigrants are fiercely patriotic, but I'm not. Don't get me wrong, I love America. Some parts of it, at least. But all those immigrant marches that have been going on lately? I totally want to join in with those. Cause the people who are already here, who work hard and want only the best for their children? Deserve more respect.
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[ profile] mistful puts it better than I ever could.

[Because she's one of the more amusing people on LJ.]

Her brilliant and also snarky review of GOF.

Veronica Mars
If I have not previously expressed my great love for Veronica Mars, let me do so now. A sassy teen sleuth! A biker with a heart of gold! A spoiled rich boy with daddy issues! (Colin Craven and his brethren have ruined me for other men. Ruined me.) Filthy onscreen chemistry for everyone! Really, the reason I have not yet expressed my undying love for Veronica Mars is because I feel it would be much like saying 'and have I mentioned oxygen? Huge fan!'

This update is pointless, really. Just me squeeing about my enduring love for HP and Veronica Mars. Which of course, both deserve enduring love. Buckets of it.

Haven't gone to the Muddycup in ages. Probably will tomorrow.
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Harry Potter

And We Are At Our Apogee. Draco wants revenge, but Harry doesn't remember. Takes place in California.

Draco, merrily on high. Draco takes a group of children caroling. He comes to Harry's house, and they have sexual tension. And delicious Christmas dinner.

Past and Future A summary of Snape's life, in cauldrons.

Fly Fishing For Beginners. A retired Snape sends a request for classic Muggle literature to his local bookshop, which happens to be run by none other than Harry Potter. The two get re-acquainted again, and end up in a quasi-relationship.

Maps to the Stars' Homes. Harry wanders around the world. Non-linear, with flashbacks to the war, and afterwards.

And Tell Me Who is the Victor. Harry is a journeyman in a war he does not quite understand. He is stationed with Snape. They get very close. There is sex involved. Then disaster strikes.

Between the Lines. Harry discovers a secret in his Potions text and a friend in the Half-Blood Prince.

[How to function without hoping] Sirius walks for years through many worlds to get home to Remus, and Harry. He finds the world very much changed, and takes up work as a private eye. Lovely, sparse and perfectly characterized.

and maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me. Five things that never happened to Ron Weasley.

Freudian Slip Draco is obsessed with Harry Potter. His parents get fed up with hearing about Harry. They send him to a psychologist. Hilarity ensues.

The Twisted Sister Affair Sirius and Remus are private investigators. They're hired by a woman searching for her missing brother, but the case gets complicated very quickly. R/S, and cute without being saccarine.

Detective Remus investigates a series of werewolves' murders, and is drawn back into the Wizarding World by Bill Weasley.

This Year's Love In which Albus Severus dates Scorpius Malfoy, cries a lot and I love it to bits, of course.

Quantum Leap. In a multiverse of endless possibilities, everything we imagine exists somewhere. The bad choices we didn't make, the good choices we should have made and, most of all, the choices we wish we'd made. This is a story about the choices that change the world. Slightly H/D. Terry Pratchett references.

Scratch Harry/Snape. Snape teaches Harry how to defeat Voldemort, and in the process Harry develops a fixation. He comes on to Snape and Snape does not say no. Then he gets fired.

Rapture Harry's always stared at Snape from across crowded halls, and he time travels as an adult, to where Snape is around his age. Ugly, scarred, broken, Snape tries to keep Harry out of his heart, and fails.

Cute Snape/Draco comic.

Gorgeous Snape/Draco art.

A Story in 26 parts Remus/Sirius, 25 scenes overlaid one over another. Beautiful.

Queer as Folk

Mere Anarchy. Stuart and Vince finally do it. Brill fic, all science fiction references and fashion mockery while in the act. Best QAF UK fic ever.

The last scene of QAF, as it should be. Yes, the show is candy-coated garbage, nothing more than soft-core porn. But it's entertaining. It makes me want to get up and dance. And that's enough for me.

call it a good marriage. "And I say, you nag the little hustler together, you change the shitrags on Mel's hellspawn together, eventually Ben will cave in and let you get a puppy together and he'll probably even let you name it Little Astro. You're fucking married. You've already done the heavy lifting, tomorrow you're just having a big party so Deb can die happy."

Divergence A post-414 AU. Brian moves out to LA because he has a cancer relapse.

Once and Again. Michael talks to Justin about their favorite subject. Interesting for a minute.

Any Port In A Storm Brian and Justin stay at Jennifer's while the loft is fixed. Hilarity ensues.

mojokitten's QAF fic.

Growing Up Kinney. Gus's voice is amazingly funny. And realistic.

The Gravitational Efects of Rotation. Brian and Justin travel all over and fuck all over the world. But in the end it's all about them. And they end up together anyway.

[ profile] throughadoor 's QAF commentary. Brilliant and so right. Like what I think, but expressed in a coherent manner.

[ profile] paddies 's QAF icons

Queer as Folk Screencaps Collection. Pretty straightforward.

Generation Kill

Porn Skirmish

No Place For A Street Fighting Man Doc Bryan is not interested in dead people. They don't have problems he can solve; they don't have problems at all. He'd throw his body on the fire to help a dying man (woman, child), right up until that last breath, the moment when they ascend to that most blessed state of Not His Problem.

That's What She Said Nate is turned into a woman, Brad glares at lots of ass-staring. Nate makes a pretty woman. Then? Sexual Healing! Yeah. Genderswitch.

Ocean At some point during the paddle party, Rudy announces that they should all go down to the beach and watch the sun rise over the ocean. It's a hundred percent the gayest thing he's ever said.


Big Rock Candy Mountain: Five things that never happened to Andrew Wells.

That's not description enough. Andrew becomes a Scooby and everything changes. The dialogue rings so true, it was like watching an entire season of Buffy in one sitting. 350K long, and absolutely amazing words they are. Just like Buffy only with more gay sex. And things don't turn out well in the end just like Buffy, too.

Cruel Intentions

Competitive Sport. Cruel Intentions fanfic. Contains wonderful imagery "I lay him flat like a continent," spoiled rich kids, blowjobs, drug dealing and dark sexualized humor. So basically, right up my alley.


The Best Things In Life Are Free. John and Rodney as teenagers, inserted into their own version of Can't Buy Me Love. Sheer brilliance, and long too.


Death Insurance A most unusual relationship. DEATH/Vetinari. Funny.

Original fic.

The President's Son. The third child of a upwardly mobile politician is gay, and this story is basically about trying to get some peace and get laid. I'm pretty sure the author's first language is not English, and yet he manages to tell one of the most compelling stories I've ever read on

The Ordinary Us. This is the story of seventen-year-old Quinn Moore. He has a loving family, good friends and a girlfriend he's deemed as perfect. Quinn's also gay, not that he's about to admit it. He likes things just the way they are, thank you. But then he meets Jude Landon, and everything in Quinn's comfortable world is turned upside down.

Joe College Stupid title, but an awesome story about a boy's journey from late high school to the end of college. Witty, self-aware, amazing and god-i-wish-this really-was-said dialogue. Good stuff.

Patience, A Steady Hand Inception Vikin AU, helenish, yeah.

Here's Looking at you, Kid. Underage dating drama. Casablanca references. Overzealous all caps words. Hot as fire in Australia. One Hundred Candles. Bruno is a campaign manager for Sen.Fairchild, pining for his boyfriend in Canada. Exactly as awesome as it sounds.

Other Stuff:

360 degree view of Paris skyline.

Info on Nightly Programs at Kitt Peak observatory. Amateur astronomer programs in Arizona, $40 bucks for the night.
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Damn it. We don't have basic cable anymore, and the food network has a show with a gay couple. Immensely unfair.

On washing dirty dishes: We have people for that. We call him Dan.
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Am feeling quite linky today. The first one is about adult fans of stuff like Star Trek, and Harry Potter. The second is an article about slash. They're just here for me to clean out my cluttered favorites list. Don't click. Seriously, if you don't want to waste your time don't. This is neat.

And so is this.,,2-536-1173508,00.html
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Have you noticed how touchy-feely presidential candidates John Kerry, and John Edwards are?

I have. Jay Leno has. And so has this guy.


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