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So, way back when, I used to read all these fics and most were crap. A few were passable. A rare one or two were absolutely brilliant.

The others are simply amusing and cracked out.

Like the one where Justin moves to NYC, and he gets an apartment in Brooklyn, where all his neighbors speak Spanish. Brian comes to visit, and the first words out of his mouth are 'God, your apartment's tiny' and the second thing is, in Spanish, "let's fuck". And then Justin corrects him on conjugation, since he's been babysitting for Maria next door, playing pattycake with little Angela and learning basic Spanish.

Or the one where Rodney needs a wife to round out his perfect image, but ends up falling for John, his relationship counselor instead.

Or the one where Draco runs away from England, and opens a Chinese restaurant in Budapest.

I don't come across much like that, anymore.

And I don't help much, cause I don't really write like that either. They say you should write what you'd like to read, but I can't seem to do that. Cause there's a difference between what I want to read and what I end up writing.

But I don't know what the hell I'm complaining about because the books I am going to read are piled five deep, in two piles, and I cannot imagine a better thing.
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I may as well name this entry unpopular fandom opinions. But all my complaining won't stop me from signing up for the qaf_challenges challenge this month. )

I am tired. And it's rather late. I'm filling in empty space the way my mother taught me. And I'm signing up for the challenge because I have a great idea. It may be borrowing from [ profile] theredwepainted's mix of story and song, cause I have a bunch of songs that would be perfect. And that whole thing about music being such an integral part of the show.
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Justine, here's the link for that song you wanted. Have You Got It In You? - Imogen Heap

I'm falling back into old habits, reading HP fanfic again. This inhibits any personal growth I might experience. It was a good one where Snape and Lupin are really old and living together in a totally believable way. There's no sex because they're literally a hundred and fifteen years old in it. Porn is no longer interesting. Now I just want everyone to end up happy. Does that mean I'm growing up?
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Let's Hear It For The Boy was playing at Dunkin Donuts. I danced a bit in place. It made my day. Also, the latte helped.


Once in awhile, I read something wonderful, and remember why I love the written word. This story's from, most of which reads like bad personal ads and worse porn.

Only one chapter, but I'm hoping it continues to be good. I love the beginning. Some just grab me, and this one definitely did.

Snow Days. When they make the movie of my life it will open with scenes from when I was a little kid taken from the wobbly home movies my dad loved to shoot.
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Because this entire year week has been crap so far, Three Things I Love.

1. Watching three episodes of Sex & the City in a row. Happiness is watching completely useless and snarky television.

2. The asshole who kept the second season of Six Feet Under for three extra weeks has finally returned it. This means a marathon this weekend. Oh yes.

3. Really good stories. I love finding really well-written ones. Like Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose. After Atlantis, Rodney takes a job teaching at a crap university. He's not happy, exactly, but he's...getting there.

It's Stargate Atlantis, and absolutely wonderful, sad in the best way possible. I don't even watch this show, and I still think the fic's very well written. Rodney seems like my kind of guy [i.e., his attitude is that he is so much smarter than everyone else.]
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One day, the Moon up and disappeared; where it went, or why, none can say. Without the Moon's light to keep them in check at night, monsters, crawling horrors, and other creatures of the dark run rampant throughout the land. But Princess November has much more pressing matters to worry about: she hasn't had a decent night's sleep in ages.

It's always nice to find a comic that's actually well-written. And it's been awhile since I've liked one quite this much. No Rest For The Wicked is a mystery, a story of a journey to find sleep, a loving ode to fairy tales. And it's funny. My kind of funny, wry and intelligent.

This is why I love the net. I've had access for years and I still keep finding the well-written, the gems like this.
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This is why I love the 'net.

Anderson Cooper/Jon Stewart slash, in which they talk about Harry Potter of all things, and there's blowjobs in the greenroom.

Read it, if only for Stewart's wonderful lines, like: Jon can't help but interrupt him with what he considers to be an extremely passionate, satisfying kiss, and from the way Anderson grabs onto Jon's shirtfront and shoves his tongue down Jon's throat, Jon rather thinks he agrees. But like, seriously? How is Jon supposed to resist when Anderson starts in with the literary comparison political allegory talk? He just can't, and Anderson knows it, that slut, he must just fucking know it and he's just trying to tease Jon until he snaps, and he has.
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Every time I read Get There Faster, I get creeped out.

But I do anyway.

It's a creepy, amazing fic in which Harry feels alone and isolated after OotP. [which incidentally was what I was talking about with [ profile] _richdoe_ today]

Harry blames himself for all the things he has no control over. He stays at the Weasleys' and becomes convinced that if he had only practiced the Unforgiveables, he might have been able to save Sirius. People he loves might not die, if only he were more prepared. And so he practices the killing curse on bugs and garden gnomes, all lesser creatures.

The other part of it is Ron, who can tell, somehow that Harry's tormented inside and tries to be understanding, and eventually asks Harry why the garden's so quiet. At which point Harry distracts him with sex.

So yeah. There's boysex. But it serves a purpose.

Like most of what I read, this is seriously fucked up. [The other stuff I read is pure comedic fluff. Sometimes I read normal stuff too. Rarely, though.]

other scary stuff )
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A post on [ profile] amanuensis1's journal today made me think about writing and love.

We hear a lot about why fanfiction is a starting point for writers, but the implication of that is that one will/should move on to original works, as if fanfiction were a genre of the immature storyteller. Not so. Fanfiction is an ode to the state of being in love--in this case, in love with a particular set of characters or fictional setting.

But then again, isn't the best writing, fanfic or otherwise about people you love so much that you want to share them with the world?

Speaking of love, I don't know if I should go see Brokeback Mountain. On the one hand, it's the first movie to be realeased in major movie theaters that has unabashedly gay characters, which is great because it gets people to examine their sexuality and beliefs, which is a really good thing, imo. There's desperate we-can't-do-this love (which can be just heartwrenching if done well. And silly if it isn't.), and gay cowboys, so how could I resist? OTOH, Jack Twist is played by Jake Gyllenhaal, who I don't like as an actor, because he seems twitchy and wierd. But again, gay cowboys. I'll likely go see it.

ETA: Today I was at the Muddycup with Alicia, and a man walked by in a kilt, and Scottish jacket, and knee socks with little bows on. It pretty much made my afternoon.
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Harry Potter

And We Are At Our Apogee. Draco wants revenge, but Harry doesn't remember. Takes place in California.

Draco, merrily on high. Draco takes a group of children caroling. He comes to Harry's house, and they have sexual tension. And delicious Christmas dinner.

Past and Future A summary of Snape's life, in cauldrons.

Fly Fishing For Beginners. A retired Snape sends a request for classic Muggle literature to his local bookshop, which happens to be run by none other than Harry Potter. The two get re-acquainted again, and end up in a quasi-relationship.

Maps to the Stars' Homes. Harry wanders around the world. Non-linear, with flashbacks to the war, and afterwards.

And Tell Me Who is the Victor. Harry is a journeyman in a war he does not quite understand. He is stationed with Snape. They get very close. There is sex involved. Then disaster strikes.

Between the Lines. Harry discovers a secret in his Potions text and a friend in the Half-Blood Prince.

[How to function without hoping] Sirius walks for years through many worlds to get home to Remus, and Harry. He finds the world very much changed, and takes up work as a private eye. Lovely, sparse and perfectly characterized.

and maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me. Five things that never happened to Ron Weasley.

Freudian Slip Draco is obsessed with Harry Potter. His parents get fed up with hearing about Harry. They send him to a psychologist. Hilarity ensues.

The Twisted Sister Affair Sirius and Remus are private investigators. They're hired by a woman searching for her missing brother, but the case gets complicated very quickly. R/S, and cute without being saccarine.

Detective Remus investigates a series of werewolves' murders, and is drawn back into the Wizarding World by Bill Weasley.

This Year's Love In which Albus Severus dates Scorpius Malfoy, cries a lot and I love it to bits, of course.

Quantum Leap. In a multiverse of endless possibilities, everything we imagine exists somewhere. The bad choices we didn't make, the good choices we should have made and, most of all, the choices we wish we'd made. This is a story about the choices that change the world. Slightly H/D. Terry Pratchett references.

Scratch Harry/Snape. Snape teaches Harry how to defeat Voldemort, and in the process Harry develops a fixation. He comes on to Snape and Snape does not say no. Then he gets fired.

Rapture Harry's always stared at Snape from across crowded halls, and he time travels as an adult, to where Snape is around his age. Ugly, scarred, broken, Snape tries to keep Harry out of his heart, and fails.

Cute Snape/Draco comic.

Gorgeous Snape/Draco art.

A Story in 26 parts Remus/Sirius, 25 scenes overlaid one over another. Beautiful.

Queer as Folk

Mere Anarchy. Stuart and Vince finally do it. Brill fic, all science fiction references and fashion mockery while in the act. Best QAF UK fic ever.

The last scene of QAF, as it should be. Yes, the show is candy-coated garbage, nothing more than soft-core porn. But it's entertaining. It makes me want to get up and dance. And that's enough for me.

call it a good marriage. "And I say, you nag the little hustler together, you change the shitrags on Mel's hellspawn together, eventually Ben will cave in and let you get a puppy together and he'll probably even let you name it Little Astro. You're fucking married. You've already done the heavy lifting, tomorrow you're just having a big party so Deb can die happy."

Divergence A post-414 AU. Brian moves out to LA because he has a cancer relapse.

Once and Again. Michael talks to Justin about their favorite subject. Interesting for a minute.

Any Port In A Storm Brian and Justin stay at Jennifer's while the loft is fixed. Hilarity ensues.

mojokitten's QAF fic.

Growing Up Kinney. Gus's voice is amazingly funny. And realistic.

The Gravitational Efects of Rotation. Brian and Justin travel all over and fuck all over the world. But in the end it's all about them. And they end up together anyway.

[ profile] throughadoor 's QAF commentary. Brilliant and so right. Like what I think, but expressed in a coherent manner.

[ profile] paddies 's QAF icons

Queer as Folk Screencaps Collection. Pretty straightforward.

Generation Kill

Porn Skirmish

No Place For A Street Fighting Man Doc Bryan is not interested in dead people. They don't have problems he can solve; they don't have problems at all. He'd throw his body on the fire to help a dying man (woman, child), right up until that last breath, the moment when they ascend to that most blessed state of Not His Problem.

That's What She Said Nate is turned into a woman, Brad glares at lots of ass-staring. Nate makes a pretty woman. Then? Sexual Healing! Yeah. Genderswitch.

Ocean At some point during the paddle party, Rudy announces that they should all go down to the beach and watch the sun rise over the ocean. It's a hundred percent the gayest thing he's ever said.


Big Rock Candy Mountain: Five things that never happened to Andrew Wells.

That's not description enough. Andrew becomes a Scooby and everything changes. The dialogue rings so true, it was like watching an entire season of Buffy in one sitting. 350K long, and absolutely amazing words they are. Just like Buffy only with more gay sex. And things don't turn out well in the end just like Buffy, too.

Cruel Intentions

Competitive Sport. Cruel Intentions fanfic. Contains wonderful imagery "I lay him flat like a continent," spoiled rich kids, blowjobs, drug dealing and dark sexualized humor. So basically, right up my alley.


The Best Things In Life Are Free. John and Rodney as teenagers, inserted into their own version of Can't Buy Me Love. Sheer brilliance, and long too.


Death Insurance A most unusual relationship. DEATH/Vetinari. Funny.

Original fic.

The President's Son. The third child of a upwardly mobile politician is gay, and this story is basically about trying to get some peace and get laid. I'm pretty sure the author's first language is not English, and yet he manages to tell one of the most compelling stories I've ever read on

The Ordinary Us. This is the story of seventen-year-old Quinn Moore. He has a loving family, good friends and a girlfriend he's deemed as perfect. Quinn's also gay, not that he's about to admit it. He likes things just the way they are, thank you. But then he meets Jude Landon, and everything in Quinn's comfortable world is turned upside down.

Joe College Stupid title, but an awesome story about a boy's journey from late high school to the end of college. Witty, self-aware, amazing and god-i-wish-this really-was-said dialogue. Good stuff.

Patience, A Steady Hand Inception Vikin AU, helenish, yeah.

Here's Looking at you, Kid. Underage dating drama. Casablanca references. Overzealous all caps words. Hot as fire in Australia. One Hundred Candles. Bruno is a campaign manager for Sen.Fairchild, pining for his boyfriend in Canada. Exactly as awesome as it sounds.

Other Stuff:

360 degree view of Paris skyline.

Info on Nightly Programs at Kitt Peak observatory. Amateur astronomer programs in Arizona, $40 bucks for the night.
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Okay. I know I'm probably too old to fall in love with a badly-written fic. But this one is just...phenomenal in entertainment value.

There's this boy, Quinn. He's secretly gay and in serious denial about it. He goes to some friend's party, gets really drunk and makes out with a hot blonde boy. And spends the next two months failing all his classes, trying to kill himself with sleeping pills, blaming everyone and everything (and most especially Jude, who is hot and responsible and understanding of Quinn's drama queen tendecies) for his gay-ness.

The storyline is so unbelievably contrived, and there's lots of grammar mistakes that I saw.

And yet. I am more drawn to this thing than an alligator to a zebra herd.

It helps that the author just updated with two chapters. Quinn finally comes out to his friends. Two of them. And before you ask, yes I've already e-mailed the author telling him how much I love his story. If I had his address, I'd probably send him panties. It's just that good. Arrg. I thought I'd gotten over the urge to read badly-written stuff like this at age eleven.

Guess not. Oh well.
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I am the third or fourth person on my FL to mention the electrical fire at school today and the fact that we got sent home early. My reaction was "Cool!" nothing like this ever happened at my old school. And also making fire jokes with Sam, and the other people standing around.

Then I walked home with Earda and Ernast,seeing as I couldn't find Courtney after school. It was fun. We talked. Then Earda came over to mine, and we talked some more. T'was also fun. I don't hang out with her nearly enough, and this is a bad thing.

I should bring in my ghetto yearbook and have people in my other classes sign it. Other classes besides lunch, of course.

My computer kept freezing when I turned it on, and interrupting my conversations with Courtney, and this made me sad. I am going to buy myself a new one. I really do not need the stress of dealing with this one. Not at all. I'll miss it and all, but it's an old comp, and it is time to let it go. Perhaps I'll donate it to a charity after I've wiped the hard drive? Hmm. *whips out classifieds*

And lastly, a gratuitous fic link, because I don't want to lose it, and I'm cleaning out my bookmarks. Noblesse Oblige. Draco/Krum.
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I had a crappy day at school. Practically falling asleep at my desk, uncomfortable chair (my spine will never feel the same way again...) A teacher who is apparently a reincarnated squirrel, cause he jumps around a lot, and is hyper. Which is scary in a teacher, let me tell you...

I feel much better now though. Reading fic always made me happy. This one especially makes me happy;

Jewish!Remus )

I miss the good parts of Hebrew Academy. "Wait", you say, there were good parts? Yes there were, and I should go make a list, but not here, because that bugs me.

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Summer is going well. Summer school has started. Saw Ginni, and Dakota. And usual idiots from school whom I did not wish to see again. Oh well.

Work starts on the 12th. *does first job dance*

Under the tags, are fic rantings. Just so you know. About a Remus-centric fic. That rocks, according to the really long rant.

Squee )


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