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The author of the only manga I can stand to read wrote/drew a full book about Vikings. It's amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing.
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I miss reading. Give me book recs?

The last thing I read was The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, which, as per its title really was amazing, and epic in the best way.
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1. I am going to end up comparing Vetinari to Machiavelli because he pretty much is Machiavelli.

2. No thesis, and no direction on my essay about fanfic. Also, I can't find good academic sources.

3. This summer, I'll finish reading the Odyssey and The Three Musketeers.
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I'll be keeping this copy of The Truth, I think. I love that Pratchett gets bored with writing exlusively about Rincewind and the Ankh-Morpork City Watch and the country witches* and starts to write about new people, and the books are twelve kinds of brilliant.

I think I have about 15 pTerry books left to read. Including that new one. Yay.

*Which, on that note, Granny Weatherwax is my favorite character ever. Followed by Moist von Lipwig.

Possibly, I need a book love icon.
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I am rather in love with this song, with Amy Winehouse, who makes it just pop. Plus, it's vaguely lesbian, and the three of you who read this know how I like that.

Valerie - Amy Winehouse

Every time I re-read Middlesex, I want to write the story of my life in Eugenides's style, at once omniscient and a character in the proceedings. My life, though, does not lend itself as well to fiction. Or perhaps I am too close to the whole situation.

Next up: The Little Prince, again. And then finish The History of Love. And the seven Terry Pratchett books on my nightstand. Then maybe The Odyssey, again. Completely this time.
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What I've learned in college so far is how to play pool, how to play ping-pong. I've reaffirmed my belief that people try too hard to be someone they're not. I've found lots of bars but not many bookstores. And I've sort of gotten familiar with the campus. I wish I'd gone to St. John's College instead. Buffalo's not a very good place to live, unless you were born here. I won't stay on after college, I think.

I found a copy of The History of Love online, and to reward myself for finishing a directionless essay, I'm going to read it on Tuesday and weep a lot. That's what I'm mostly looking forward to.

I wish, as always, that people would be more open and talkative in class discussions, so that I would not feel like the loudmouth/know-it-all Hermione type so much.

I have a ton of homework and not much human interaction, and am looking for a job. So far, nothing. I miss working, the independence that having a steady paycheck gives. And I know that my mother cannot send money. It kind of makes the need to be settled and financially secure more pressing.

And yet, I still think about packing up a few pairs of jeans, some tshirts and my comfortable sneakers and a sleeping bag, and just...wandering around the country. Then around Canada. Maybe I never will. Maybe I'll always fantasize about bolting. But never actually do it.
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Am in Buffalo. Buses here suck. I need a car. Or a bike. Or a boyfriend with a car.

Mom is fun to travel with, except for the part where she says "Ah, I have a question" before asking every question. And also how she doesn't really get half of what's going on. Neither do I, for that matter.

My roommate seems nice.

The campus here is huge. HUGE. I've walked around a lot today.

I hatehatehate that I really don't know anyone.

I need to visit the dollar store that we passed on the metro. There's probably crap that I forgot to bring.
See also: cheap laundromat.
See also: funky coffeeshop with free wireless.
See also: Niagara Falls for shopping.
See also: Toronto.

Apparently, there's fucking nothing to do on campus, especially in the summer. No wonder everything I've heard about this place involves drinking. I found the campus bookstore though. It made my little heart sing in glee to find it. Even though everything's way overpriced.

Finished Choke, by Chuck Plahniuk on the train. It was rather depressing, but ended on a happy note. The only one of the entire book.
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Jacky Faber is much more cool than Will and Jack and Elizabeth. No contest. :)
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Authors for today:
Anais Nin.
Augusten Bourrows.
Umberto Eco.

Favorite quotes of the week:
'she's trying to suck all that fat in, but she can't' - Earda, about some girl's myspace picture. The kind of picture that makes you feel good about yourself. Really good.

'your sarcasm is overcome by my unfailing optimism' - Justine.
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I really kind of hate AP English. It sucks all the joy I feel about books like my mother sucks the marrow out of chicken bones. There's symbolism in everything, apparently, while I'd like a cigar to just be a cigar sometimes.

Ah well.

I'm reading No Night Is Too Long, and it's kind of disgusting how Tim gets bored and moves on the minute someone says they love him. Within the first thirty pages, he gets bored with his girlfriend and then meets a hot professor. They start dating, and then Tim gets bored of Ivo too, and kills him.

It's disgusting, but I'm still reading.
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[ profile] acidquill sent me a copy of Soul Music.

Yay, I love coming home to find gifts waiting for me. So much.

Also? I got a postcard from Pennsylvania.


I wonder if they've got Liberty Ave postcards? Hmmm.
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School starts tomorrow. Bright and early, I'll be there.

The traditional calendar marks the new year in January, but by then, my year's already half-way over.

So, stealing an idea shamelessly from [ profile] copperbadge, I'm taking stock of the past year before the new one starts tomorrow.

a list )
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Hanging and diner experience tonight was fun. Though there was a disturbing lack of spinny chairs at the counter. Still fun. Good conversation. OK food. Caitlin Sahm. Good things, all.

Worked out my schedule today. I might be able to take both Psycology and Biology AP though they conflict. My guidance counselor is amazing. Will be sending that woman flowers.

I skimmed through an interesting book lately, called the Art of Getting Lost. Skimmed, because though the beginning was strong, it petered off in the middle. The author's sentences were too often run-ons, and then she started talking about how children were abducted by the natives in the early colonial period. Then I lost interest.

Five years ago, I was consumed by books. It was easier to read. The print was bigger, the books themselves more formulaic and predictable. Nowadays I still read a lot. But now I'm more picky.
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As of late, I am in love with The History of Love. [A convoluted, completely fictional mystery that has for once portrayed the Jewish experience as something I can relate to. ie: no JAPs here. Only good writing.]

Besides that, not much is going on. I am expectantly waiting for my summer work assignment/summer school letter.

I spent the last week moping and watching the Style Channel's wedding marathon. [much more which by the way will make me want to shoot myself.]
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I skipped the last two classes today. So far, the school hasn't even called my house. They've given up, or don't care. Either way, I'm happy. Much happier than I would have been had I stayed. Instead I went down to to the big public library and read a Craig Thompson* book. Graphic novel, but he does it so well, blending the words and art so well that I didn't notice I was reading a comic book.

How soon can I apply for college and get out of here? I cannot wait for my life to begin, to move somewhere new. I am tired of Albany High, where the motto is assiduity and learning, but not much learning gets done, as far as I'm concerned. I cannot wait to go to college classes, and feel responsible for only myself. To forget that I will have to take care of my mother for all my life. I cannot wait to be rootless, to be free to wander like Ulysses around the world.

This cute little girl I talked to in the pet store [eyes aglow in fascination at the fish and snakes and birds on display there] thought I was a grownup. When did that happen? At what point did I grow up? I've always felt rather grown-up, too moody and serious, but now that the world is acknowledging that I think like an adult, because I look like an adult [perhaps because I look tired all the time] all I want is to make it stop and go back. Though I hated being a child, hated the books, because they were vapid, and the people who were more so.

*I need to make a Chris Thompson post later, as that man is very talented, quickly becoming one of my favorite artists.
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I am reading Fight Club right now. It's irresistible like chocolate or pornography, you can't stop reading. I just keep reading it as fast as I can, and still want more.

Some of the themes Palahniuk deals with I completely agree with. In list form, for easy reading. [Others are just stupid. Like the whole Project Mayhem thing. Stupid idiots.]

1. The things you own end up owning you.
Yes it's bad that the narrator makes his life complete with neat Swedish furniture, but he's got nothing on new immigrants. Every single new Russian immigrant I've known buys almost the same exact ugly black wood and glass bedroom set. Every single one. It's bound to happen when people come from a place where more often than not, store shelves are empty and style is not encouraged, but feeding your family most definitely is.

People who have next to nothing are incredibly materialistic. My mum, my gran who have a lot of stuff now, they save everything. Maybe you'll use it again, my gran says, when I outgrow something.

My mum's a pack rat, which annoys me because I'm all about purging, cleaning up my environment, my space. Most of the fights I have with my mother are about her saving everything. Instead of throwing things away. I guess I'm truly American now, aren't I? Cause I throw things away so easily. Eesh, what a scary thought.

2. You need some kind of release if you sit in an office all day.
Whether it's sex, or origami, or knitting, or beating up random guys on Sundays. Whatever gets you through.

3. If your father is your model for god, and he deserts you or dies, you're screwed. Ask the people on death row, and you can bet that a good percentage of them didn't have a father in their lives. Wonder why so many young girls are dressing slutty? Not enough of a father figure in their lives.

Overall, Fight Club is an intense book, with a heady message to send. You can bet that I'm going to read it again, and that certain lines will stay in my head for a long time. And I'm okay with that.
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Someone on my F-list made a list of books she read, and there were a lot. It got me thinking what I've read this summer.

I read a lot because I worked at the library.

I'm not going to make a list though. I'm not going to be able to impress people with all the books I've read because I don't count. It's stupid to measure enjoyment or learning quantitatively rather than qualitatively.

So far I've enjoyed reading a lot of books.

At the moment I'm trying to read Anna Karenina, and failing. It's very boring and the wording is odd. And I'm not good enough in Russian to read the original. Pity.

Dracula however is better than I expected. I'm a quarter of the way through, and it's really interesting. I'll probably bring it to school with me and read in spare moments.

ETA: You know what really really bugs me? When someone mentions something that's funny only to them, and then says "never mind it's a long story."

If it's a long story then don't mention in unless you plan to tell it. Kthanxbai.
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I've been reading a lot of Young Wizards lately, which is a bit like Harry Potter except that the author doesn't have a giant swollen head due to the books being fairly unknown.

It's nice to read a sci-fi/fantasy book that doesn't feel the need to preach morals about half-bloods and racism. Enough already.

Somehow, YW is entertaining and polished, and superbly written, yet manages to be funny. The main character's mother dies, but does she spend an entire year speaking entirely in CAPS!LOCK? No she does not. For that alone I could love Nita Callahan. But there's more.

1. There is no movie adaptation. And there does not need to be.

2. There are no cutesy toys of various characters and animals appearing in these books. There is no multi-million dollar franchise. There is just a series about some kids who do magic. And it is good.

3. The need for magic in Nita's world is much better justified than in Harry's. Slowing down the death of the universe/helping things grow and live as they should? Is a good thing. Seriously. What's the point of having wizards if they just go around killing random Muggles/forming rather incestuous secret societies?

Three reasons, cause symmetry's overrated.
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