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I love the advent of jazzy, talented, rich-voiced singers like Amy Winehouse and Chrisette Michelle.

Also, I've appended the list of songs I will listen to so much that I will know by heart. Tim Buckley - Song to the Siren
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I think I just saw a red-tailed hawk soaring outside my window. WTF Buffalo?
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Lately, I feel as though I cannot properly string a sentence together. All the mechanics and semantics are there, in my head, but they all come out sounding clunky. This, in part explains my great dread for the coming semester and school in general.
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Being in college makes me want to do nothing more than live in a weathered, sun bleached shack by the sea. And never have to wear a heavy coat again.

Though I do love snow.
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1. I am going to end up comparing Vetinari to Machiavelli because he pretty much is Machiavelli.

2. No thesis, and no direction on my essay about fanfic. Also, I can't find good academic sources.

3. This summer, I'll finish reading the Odyssey and The Three Musketeers.
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Another night of no homework done, and watching Firefly, which continues to be amazing. And in the morning, I saw frost at the bottom of driveways and tops of cars, and wished for snow.
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I've been looking for a DVD copy of The Curiosity of Chance for ages now. It looks awesome and cute and so completely unoriginal that it transcends to a more amusing level. But it's still doing the festival circuit because the director can't find a studio to get it into theaters. So basically, instead of cute movies with that guy from the fourth American Pie movie* and my favorite obscure hottie, Brett Chukerman**, we get Spiderman 3. Or 4, whatever. This is the part of the day where I wish I were rich. I would totally fund that. It looks like a fun movie.

It's playing in a film festival in Chicago on Nov 18th. For a second, I thought about skipping out on my classes and going to see it. Shows where my priorities lie. Haha, Ren, haha.

*It was on late at night on TBS, and I didn't feel like sleeping. Now I fully support and want to see more of Tad Hilgenbrink, who pretty much is the movie.

**Who is Jewish! And totally gay! And did I mention cute?
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Today, I walked by the billiards room and saw a boy wearing this shirt. My life is now complete.
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Oh, My. Gosh. Why did I not get into Firefly years ago? Everything Joss Whedon does is brill and amazing. And there's like five more discs to get through. Yay.

Also, because I am not, and never will be a grown up, I've gotten my mom to ship me my bunny, Benny. I'll probs post pics when she arrives. She is only comfort object ever.
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Tonight's ep of Supernatural sucked. Once again, there's a tortured spirit who's killing people, and instead of weaving fairy tales into the narrative, they just seem like added on extra gore-fests. And then Sam kills some female demon, reminding me why I turned off this show in the first place. The show seems to be going around and mostly killing girl demons and spirits. What, are there no men mad enough to kill people from beyond the grave? Apparently not. So there's something sick and disgusting about Supernatural that has nothing to do with gore or blood. And that's the de facto mysoginy.

OTOH, Alfonso Cuaron is set to direct a movie version of one of my very favorite books, The History of Love. He does book to movie adaptations rather well, and if there's anyone I could have picked from all possible directors, I'd pick him. He's my favorite.

And Joss is back on tv again. Something called Dollhouse about humans who fulfill fantasies. I have my doubts, but then again, this is Whedon. I had my doubts about a tiny blonde girl who kicked vampire ass, and Buffy's my favorite show.
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I had intelligent thoughts in class today. I remember that I did. Then I wandered around North Campus, trying to find a way to walk to the skating rink, which is literally in sight from the campus. The path is bisected by about six highways and a fence. Clearly, Buffalo is a car city.

So, disappointed, I came home and read porn for hours.
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Sergey Shnurov makes me want to take up smoking and drinking and living a life of great lyrics with an awesome soundtrack. I think I have a definite music crush.
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I signed up for yuletide this year. In a semester where I have three papers to write as finals. Clearly, I win at life, and planning.

I've been watching Supernatural lo these last few weeks, and while it is awesome, I stand by my assertion 2 years ago, when it first aired, that it is not as awesome as Buffy. Nothing ever will be. I found my standard for amazing TV around 1999. And now it is all a gradual decline.

Off to finish up hw. Something about a major breakup for Communications. Except that I don't date, ahhhh! Fun.
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I'll be keeping this copy of The Truth, I think. I love that Pratchett gets bored with writing exlusively about Rincewind and the Ankh-Morpork City Watch and the country witches* and starts to write about new people, and the books are twelve kinds of brilliant.

I think I have about 15 pTerry books left to read. Including that new one. Yay.

*Which, on that note, Granny Weatherwax is my favorite character ever. Followed by Moist von Lipwig.

Possibly, I need a book love icon.
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REQ: Valerie - Amy Winehouse

REC: Anything from my public box.

ETA: I am so good at this LJ thing, I posted at my personal journal instead of wedontsendit. I win, huh?
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I am rather in love with this song, with Amy Winehouse, who makes it just pop. Plus, it's vaguely lesbian, and the three of you who read this know how I like that.

Valerie - Amy Winehouse

Every time I re-read Middlesex, I want to write the story of my life in Eugenides's style, at once omniscient and a character in the proceedings. My life, though, does not lend itself as well to fiction. Or perhaps I am too close to the whole situation.

Next up: The Little Prince, again. And then finish The History of Love. And the seven Terry Pratchett books on my nightstand. Then maybe The Odyssey, again. Completely this time.
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My English teacher reminds me a hell of a lot of Emmett, from QAF. It's sorta funny.

I couldn't hate my History class if I tried. Not that I ever would. I'm all giddy in recitation. I take notes in class. I had my mom send me my notes from tenth grade, cause we're learning the same thing. My TA is twitchy, I think he has Tourettes or something. He answers his phone in class, and I still love that class. That kind of makes me a freak, doesn't it?

The other classes are so-so.
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