Nov. 19th, 2008

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I am so uber bored, killing time before my 12 o'clock class. Here I am, reading Oh no they didn't, which I would say is a guilty pleasure, but then, I don't feel guilty about much. I feel sort of bad though, that the other people around me in the Law Library are doing VERY SERIOUS WORK and I am browsing for new Star Trek Trailers and Robert Pattinson interviews. Not that bad, mind. Only a little bit.

Home on Friday night. Can't wait. Very excited. I miss my mommy and my BFF. Also, home cooked food. I'm starting to live on campus event pizza and M&Ms. It works out pretty well, because when you go to club meetings, they feed you. It's like a lure or something.

Star Trek movie! With Harold from Harold and Kumar! And Simon Pegg!! And hottie whathisface Kirk!!! My geeky joy runneth over.

Also, True Blood is kind awesome. Southern accents, not so much. But vampires and lots of sex and dryly funny dialogue by Alan Ball, aka, Six Feet Under creator, awesome!
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True Blood is all sorts of amazing. I thought I was done with vampires and crap, but I'm not.

1. Oh Sookie. You have a stupid name, and fake hair, but you win for all of time for being dressed in your fugly angel pajamas in your sexy dream about Vampire Bill.

2. Vampire Bill is the broodiest, best vampire on TV since Angel. Oh how I miss Buffy.

3. Speaking of which. The supporting characters on this show make this show so much more amazing. Like Sookie's brother, Jason, who's stupider than a box of hair. It's fun to see him make a fool of himself. Then there's her best friend Tara who had a crush on Jason. And her coworkers, her boss, who may or may not be a weredog. Alexander SkarsgÄrd, who, inexplicably looks bangin with long hair, and is a big movie star in Sweden, plays some sort of head vampire Eric on TB. He also plays a marine in Generation Kill, and was a marine a few years ago. Bangin. I even consider the cute fangs that pop out when vampires get excited a character on this show. They look like little snapped off crayon points. Not so much the fucking Southern accents. Arg. I may have to stop myself from speaking with a twang. I'm easily influenced like that.



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